Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New stuff at the Indiana Historical Society

The March/April IHS print newsletter INPerspective lists new collections and books on hand as of October-November, including

This Place We Call Home: A History of Clark County, Indiana (2007). "This book stands out among similar county histories."

"Slavery Cases in the Indiana Supreme Court" (2007). This pamphlet is also on sale at the state Supreme Court bookstore's website, which says that it "examines several cases presented to the Court between 1816 and 1863 and how, through them, the Court worked to uphold the constitution’s prohibition on slavery in the face of considerable public opposition."

Illinois Central Railroad Collection, from roughly 1870s-1960s with items from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio operations.

KKK Indiana Membership Ledger for various towns, surnames S-Z.

If you aim to drop in sometime, bear in mind that (like some other repositories) they keep Tuesday-Saturday hours. Don't try the door on Monday!

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