Monday, July 14, 2008

Shelby County Harvest in Illinois

Illinois Harvest has digitized a bunch of southeastern Illinois' Shelby County books:

Eiler, Homer. History of Tower Hill and Vicinity. ?: Shelby County News Gazette, 1973.

Early History of Cowden and Vicinity, 1801-1920. (36 pages, and R. E. Fritts at least signed the preface -- that's all the publication info you're going to get!)

Moweaqua Centennial, 1852-1952. Moweaqua?: Moweaqua Centennial Association, 1952.

Yesteryears of Windsor. Windsor?:?, 1956.

Stewardson, the First 100 Years. Stewardson: Clipper Print, 1974.

Strasburg, Illinois Hundertjahrfest, 1874-1974. Strasburg: ?, 1974?.

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