Monday, February 13, 2012

Where the articles are

Quite a number of genealogists have written articles for; I enjoyed Claudia Breland's recent post on "Essential Records You Won't Find Online." The current article by Sarah More on St. Lawrence County, New York, records includes many links to the locations of records that are also not online.

Some authors at have written more than two articles, but the display on the site includes only two, and does not make it obvious that there might be more. If you read one and want to see more by that person, click through to their author information for a full list. Here are my four to date:

"Indirect Evidence to the Rescue," 25 August 2011

"Genealogy & Property Records," 15 September 2011

"Genealogical Resources for Indiana," 8 November 2011

"Climbing the Spiral Staircase: Learning Genealogy," 12 January 2012

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Michael Hait said...

Interestingly enough, I have submitted at least 2 or 3 applications to, and received no response. Not a "no"--just no response altogether. Oh well, their loss. ;)