Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend wonderings for your comment

I see that Rootstech 2013 once again will not compensate most speakers. I attended 2012 and enjoyed the energy of the festive exhibit hall more than most of the talks. Most developer presentations seemed pretty advanced; most genealogy presentations not so much. A friend who's more techie than I am didn't find a lot of interaction between the two tracks.

Which makes me wonder. Will the best speakers -- and the best-prepared ones -- respond to this call for papers? How will the non-compensation policy advance the goal of bringing genealogists and developers together, rather than just having separate tracks?

Yes, I'm a member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, and, yes again, I'd rather be paid than not. But I also do plenty of volunteering, and I might be more ready to volunteer to speak at Rootstech if I could figure out the strategy.

Harold Henderson, "Weekend wonderings for your comment" Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog, posted 20 May 2012 ( : accessed [access date]). [Please feel free to link to the specific post if you prefer.]


Candace said...

That's something I wondered about. Were there genealogists attending the developer sessions to give the genealogist's point of view? I haven't seen much written about that aspect of the conference. Conversely, were developers going to the genealogy sessions to improve their knowledge of what genealogists need?

Harold said...

Good question, Candace. Maybe someone else will have a better answer ;-) I think there were both, but it was a big conference and I don't know everybody on sight. Also, unless you're already pretty well-informed, you may not quite realize what your point of view IS until afterwards!