Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good news for Michigan researchers!

Seeking Michigan now has all state death certificates on line for free, 1897-1939. The most recent 18  years are new.


Marian said...

Excellent news! I just found my great-uncle's death certificate there, after some fiddling. The "advanced" search facility is not perfected, so I advise others to try the basic search feature first, and be sure that the correct year-group is checked for the search. I'm really grateful for the site and for your posting about it.

don said...

This is good news - that took forever. The index (which goes up to 1951) has been live on family search for just short of 2 years. So it's taken Seeking Michigan 2 years to go through and pull out the ones that are newer than 75 years old. A made-up rule of theirs that doesn't match with anything as death records are not restricted in Michgian. I could go into any county clerk and get a death certificate from someone who died last week. Thanks for the headsup on this being published. I'm so frustrated with the glacial speed at which they moved to complete something that was already done.