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Now published: The Lottery of Life: Scholes Family 1814-2016, Four Generations from Lancashire and Wisconsin

 William Scholes (1814-1864), a cotton carder in one of the "dark Satanic mills" of the Industrial Revolution in England, won a workers' lottery on New Year's Day 1849. That fall, he and wife Ann Mills (1814-1875) and their children arrived in central Wisconsin with high hopes and few skills. In 37 chapters, "The Lottery of Life" follows the ancestral couple and their descendants -- among them teachers, telegraphers, engineers, homesteaders, active union members, farmers, inventors (from farm equipment to recycling fluorescent lights), an encyclopedia manager, and a world authority on glass.

Table of contents:

Table of Contents


People Finder by Descent
and Chapter.. 0


Introduction... 1

Prequel Escape from the Cotton
Factory.. 5




Chapter 1. SamuelA Mills–Alice Stocks Family.. 9



(1814-1875, presidents Madison to Grant)


Chapter 2.. Ann Mills1–William Scholes Family.. 11



(1835-1941, presidents Jackson to Franklin Roosevelt)


Chapter 3. Mary Scholes2–Bissell Sherwin Family.. 23

Chapter 4. Sarah Ann Scholes2Robert Walker Hume Sr. Family   29

Chapter 5. Elizabeth Scholes2 Family.. 37

Chapter 6. Alice Scholes2–Joseph Cockroft Smith Family.. 41

Chapter 7. Robert2 Scholes–Caroline Cornelia Parkes + Ellison Family.. 45

           Table 1. Scholes-Ellison Families:

           Seven Somewhat Related Children... 54

Chapter 8. Samuel Mills2 Scholes–Harriet Newell Mozley Family  55

            STORY 1. Traveling in Minnesota
            in 1879
. 57

Chapter 9. William2 Scholes–Mary Ellen Dixon Family.. 61

Chapter 10. George Walker2 Scholes–Susanna Rebecca Audiss Family  65

Chapter 11. James Mills2 Scholes–Emma Maria Hull Family.. 69



(1856-1995, presidents Pierce to Clinton)


Chapter 12. Charles Truman3 Sherwin–Jane Thressa Young Family   73

Chapter 13. Francis Roderick “Frank”3 Sherwin–Annie Henry Family  85

Chapter 14. William Orlando3 Sherwin–Harriet M. Manley– Lottie Mazie Taylor Family.. 95

Chapter 15. Flora Ann3 Sherwin–John James Bell Family.. 105

Chapter 16. Margaret Alice3 “Maggie” Hume–Judson Stiles Berry Family.. 111

           Story 2. The Berry Patch and Its House

           (on the eve of WW2) 119

Chapter 17. Robert Walker3 Hume, Jr.–Alice Sarah Smith Family   123


Chapter 18. William Scholes3 Hume–Eliza May “Lida” Sutcliff Family   133

            Story 3. Endeavor Christian Academy

              (1890–1926) 145


Chapter 19. Sarah Ann Janet “Nettie”3 Hume–Henry Eden Jones Family.. 149


Chapter 20. James Samuel3 Hume–Lydia Alberta “Birdie” Sawyer Family.. 163

     Story 4. Showdown in North

     Dakota,1918. 169


Chapter 21. George Walker3 Hume–Lois/Louise DeMott Family.. 179

Chapter 22. William Henry3 Smith–Ruth Rosie Haines Family.. 185

Chapter 23. Eva Florence3 Smith–Richard Albert Beichl Family  193

Chapter 24. Mary Irene3 Smith Family.. 199

Chapter 25. Robert Joseph3 Smith–Myrtle M. Page Family.. 201

Chapter 26. Nettie A.3 Scholes–Thomas Clarence Moran Family  205

Chapter 27. Mary H.3 Scholes–William Robert Heames FamilY.. 215

Chapter 28. Hattie C.3 Scholes–John Rodney Schwemerlein Family  229

Chapter 29. Eleanor “Nellie” Elizabeth3 Scholes Family.. 233

Chapter 30. Bonnie Elizabeth3 Scholes. 235

Chapter 31. Samuel Ray3 Scholes–Lois E. Boren Family.. 239

Chapter 32. Marion Edith3 Scholes

FamilY.. 255

Chapter 33. Lillian Estelle3 Scholes–Fred Gaylord Russell Family   259

               Table 2. Scholes and Russell,

               allied families. 263

Chapter 34. Elmer Roy3 Scholes–Mary Elsie Rood Family.. 265

Chapter 35. Samuel Eugene3 Scholes–Edna Peake Family.. 273

Chapter 36. Robert Henry3 Scholes–Pearl Alida Edwards Family   279

Chapter 37. Ruth Emma3 Scholes–Leo Robleske–George Redman Family.. 289


Index.. 295


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