Monday, January 28, 2008

Genealogy at the Newberry Library in Chicago

Long a magnet for Midwestern genealogists, these days Chicago's Newberry Library also has a significant web presence. Its Chicago Ancestors site (blogged here) is unique AFAIK; most of the library's voluminous holdings are now catalogued on line; and the Local and Family History Department's Newberry Library Genealogy News is a uniquely useful source for upcoming meetings, library events, and research tips. On that same page you can scroll down for links to articles like Jack Simpson on the history of German street name changes in the Bucktown neighborhood and Grace Dumelle on Chicago school records.

Back in the physical world, the library will host two genealogy events open to the public this Saturday (2 Feb): Ginger Frere will give an introduction to genealogy at 9:30 am, and Jeanne Bloom will speak on "Genealogy and Writing" at the Chicago Genealogical Society meeting at 1:30 pm. (Future CGS meetings are here.)

Out-of-towners with plenty to read, and better things to do than try to drive and park in downtown Chicago, should know that the Newberry is a short bus ride (or a brisk 20-minute walk) north of the Loop commuter train stations, which come in from as far as Kenosha, South Bend, Joliet, and Aurora. Directions and links here.

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