Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kannel, Gilles, Ingli

Three intertwined Midwestern families from western Germany (Gilles) and central Switzerland (Kannel, Ingli) are chronicled in Jeff Kannel's 547-page book The Kannel, Gilles, and Ingli Families of Plum City, Wisconsin, published Sep 2007. According to the news release at the Kenosha Writers' Group it's based on 15 years' research and contains "168 pages of genealogical information," as well as plenty of local, national, and international historical context. (No word on whether it footnotes all statements of fact that aren't common knowledge, but we can hope!) The families spent time in Highland (Madison County), Illinois; Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin; and Plum City (Pierce County), Wisconsin.

Ordering information at a PDF link on the Kenosha Writers' Group site. As of 23 Jan, it wasn't on

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