Saturday, February 23, 2008

Preservation along the National Road

Belmont County, Ohio, is the first county west of Wheeling, West Virginia, smack on the major migration route known in different time periods as the National Road, US 40, and Interstate 70, which by my somewhat arbitrary definition would make it a gateway to the Midwest. 24-7 Family History points us to an editorial in The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register with some good news:

During a recent meeting of the Cumberland Trail Genealogy Society, plans to construct a building to house the [county] records were discussed. County Commission President Gordie Longshaw noted that locations in Barnesville and Morristown are being investigated as possible sites for the building. Funds are available for construction, it was noted.

Commissioner Charles Probst added that commissioners hope to employ a full-time librarian to oversee the records repository. There also has been discussion of finding ways to organize the old records, making it easier for researchers to use them.
Judging from their website, CTGS is pulling its weight too.

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