Saturday, March 8, 2008

Missouri shows 'em how

I left Missouri out of my definition of the Midwest, but it just keeps knockin' at the door...

Surely the most active of genea-institutional blogs -- of almost any genealogical blog, for that matter -- is the MoSGA Messenger, official blog of the Missouri State Genealogical Association. Their indefatigable blogger(s?) don't just stick to the Show-Me State, and often you'll find tips here that aren't on every other blog and mailing list. Recent posts have included McPherson, Kansas; the Washington State Library's free ask-a-librarian service (I've used it, it's great); an upcoming Sisson family reunion in Springfield, Illinois; and the National Genealogical Society's recently added members-only perk of viewing recent issues of the NGS Quarterly.

Speaking of Missouri, it just became even a state I wish I had more deceased relatives in: Joe Beine's Genealogy Roots Blog reports that the ongoing indexing and digitization of state death certificates is now complete from 1910 through 1957.

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