Sunday, April 20, 2008

Across the ocean to Berrien County, Michigan

The internet can close the gap between continents, but leave you not knowing your neighbors. I live just minutes from Berrien County, Michigan (and yes, I have research plans there!), but until this morning I didn't know that "Juliane's granddaughter" blogs from there at Two Sides of the Ocean -- largely about her ancestral researches (surnames Schulte, Feucht, Wellhausen, Schluessler, Kijak, Rubis, Kolberg, and Kramp, from Germany, Pomerania and Poland), and sometimes also about meeting up with fellow bloggers on research trips. (You can catch up with Apple's Michigan adventures at her blog too.)


Apple said...

I think we're two ships in the night. I missed you when you were near my home and again when I was near yours. Maybe we should have a bloggers get together in your neck of the woods sometime, there sure seem to be a lot of you blogging from IL, IN, & MI!

Harold said...

An interesting idea -- maybe it should be a rendezvous at some library of mutual interest! Of course synchronizing schedules could be an issue. I know when I'm that far from home sometimes I am scheduled down to the minute (or so it seems). If some of us were at the same conference too, that might work.