Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dead and Gone is alive and kicking

It's easy to start a blog, it's hard to keep one going. I sure hope Kim Smith at Dead and Gone: Historical Content for Genealogical Research keeps going. (Hat tip to Cyndi's List.) Part of her opening statement:

Because I'm not an historian, nor Indiana Jones, I stumble across information that doesn't make sense to me sometimes. Why did Richard Stout fight for the Dutch, when he was British? Why was my ancestors' land taken from them after the Revolutionary war? Why did another of my ancestors fight for the confederacy, if he lived in Ohio? These are the kind of questions I look for answers to. This blog is intended to provide historical information and pose questions that may be useful for amateur genealogists like myself. I will pick random topics in history and explore them with a genealogist's eye.

For starters, she has a post on exactly the sort of event we genealogists need to know about -- huge at the time but barely a sentence in most history books -- the great Ohio River flood of 1937.

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