Friday, May 30, 2008

Buffalo County, Wisconsin

The New England Historic and Genealogical Society's e-news highlights the Buffalo County Historical Society, whose online resources are strong on cemeteries and obituaries. Careful researchers will need to go beyond these. Here's one person buried in Cascade Cemetery:

Benjamin, Arthur, b: 1887, d:1963, Grey stone. He farmed in Cascade Valley.
Married to Cecil Best. They had 2 sons. He had many town offices, was one
of the founders of Nelson Telephone Coop, and sold Insurance. Moved to
Durand died there at home.
This is great, but it's not as great as it could easily have been. Some good person added biographical information beyond what was inscribed on the gravestone, and now those of us "from away" don't know which information came from where. And for the part that obviously wasn't on the stone, we have no idea where it came from, or how reliable it might be.

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