Sunday, May 11, 2008

Theses, we got theses

OhioLINK has more going on than the Morgan bibliography. That's just one of 26 databases they have available to the general public. Another is the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center, making advanced-student studies from Ohio colleges and universities searchable and available for free full-text download. Some of the interesting titles I spotted in a very incomplete survey:

Roberts, Edward Earl. Camp Chase. Degree: Master of Arts, History, 1940, Ohio State University

Johnson, Susan Allyn. Industrial voyagers: a case study of Appalachian migration to Akron, Ohio: 1900-1940. Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, History, 2006, Ohio State University

McFarland, Morgan J. The Watery World: The Country of the Illinois, 1699-1778. Degree: PhD, Arts and Sciences : History, 2005, University of Cincinnati

Grundy, Martha Paxson. "In the world but not of it": Quaker faith and the dominant culture, Middletown Meeting, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1750-1850. Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, History, 1990, Case Western Reserve University

McVey, H. B. The Military Operations in the Upper Ohio Valley During the Revolutionary War 1774-1781. Degree: Master of Arts, History, 1928, Ohio State University

Cunningham, Connie K. ECHOES FROM HENDERSON HALL: THE HISTORY OF ONE PIONEER FAMILY SETTLING IN THE OHIO VALLEY. Degree: Masters in Education, Education, 2006, Marietta College

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