Monday, June 2, 2008

Jasia's Jackpot

I love the hard-core genealogical journal articles that follow a logical trail of deductions. But I also love hearing how people's finds actually happen in real time, before they're dressed up and the logic all trimmed up and shipshape. Both forms of presentation can be fascinating and great reading.

So I enjoyed reading this post from Jasia's Creative Gene blog about finding the burial place of her Auntie Josie (Lipa) Ronowski, and how she followed up. Read the preceding posts and you'll see that the family mystery remains -- why everyone told her that Josie (actually her father's aunt and godmother, if I've got this right) never married or had children.

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Jasia said...

Thanks for the mention Harold! :-)

I'm still discovering new information about Auntie Josie (and yes, you've got it right, she was my dad's aunt). But because of putting the COG together and writing a guest blog post for later in the week I probably won't be able to write too much more about her mystery this week. But there will be updates in the future!