Friday, October 17, 2008

Montgomery County, Ohio

The October 8 issue of NEHGS eNews includes an appreciation of the online resources at the website of the Montgomery County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society. These include cemetery reading indexes; a selection of transcribed marriages, obituaries, and other articles from Dayton newspapers; and more.

Two reasons among many to hope your research targets dropped anchor here (alas, only two of my relatives did so):

A local gazetteer, the kind of thing you desperately need when a source casually mentions a place that appears in no one's map or memory. You may at any time need to know that "Pinch Gut" is a local name for Taylorsburg.

Dayton History Books Online, masterminded by Dayton writer Curt Dalton, with transcriptions of more than 100 books and articles about local history, ranging from the obvious standards to an 1881 telephone book, a mournful poem about the 1913 flood, and a manual for women employees of Rike's Department Store in 1968 ("The smart woman is always accessorized properly from head to toe").

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