Friday, October 3, 2008

Ripon research

The New England Historical and Genealogical Society's Enews reminds us of the resources available for east-central Wisconsin at the Ripon Historical Society and nearby places. (BTW, unlike many genealogy societies, NEHGS is flourishing and has more members than ever. Their move into New York is only the beginning. In the fall issue of New England Ancestors, its new board chair muses on how to position the society as "the national organiztion it really has become," with "extraordinary resources . . . for almost every state of the union and many European countries.")

Meanwhile, back in Ripon, use the explanatory links at the Ripon Historical Society to get started, branching out to local library resources including PDF cemetery files, the Samuel Pedrick Collection (housed at RHS although the guide is on the college website), the Ripon College Archives, and . . . speaking of outfits that loom large far beyond their state's borders . . . the bountiful resources of the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

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