Friday, October 10, 2008

Up to Date on Ohio Civil War Genealogy

And at last, the current, #3, 2008 issue of the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal:

"Eight Days in Camp Toledo, Or My First Experience as a 'Volunteer,'" submitted by Leslie Korenko. The kind of day-by-day journal fragment that you wish your ancestor had kept, complete with jokes and little episodes of daily life in camp -- a resource for what life was really like, whether your people ever saw the inside of Camp Toledo or not.

"Berne Township, Fairfield County, Ohio: Volunteers as of 1863," abstracted by Thomas Stephen Neel

"African-American Strange Family of Ohio: Reuben R. Strange & Sons William E. & George F. Strange, Army & Navy Veterans of the Civil War," by Harryette Mullen

"John Wallace Campbell, Civil War Veteran, Co. G. 71st O.V.I.," by Sheri Taylor Bockelman

"49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company C: The Kellers and Other Veterans from Annapolis, Crawford County OH," by Ken Striker

"Ask the Experts" on saber sharpening, wheelwrights, and much more

"Newspaper Articles on Shooting of Three Soldiers in Bucyrus OH on 11 March 1864," submitted by Diane Gagel

"1883 Census of Pensioners, Mercer County, Ohio," by Michael Elliott

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Leslie said...

Thanks for your mention of the article 8 Days in Camp Toledo which appeared in the Ohio Civil War Journal. Kelleys Island soldiers wrote home often and their stories and letters were included in the island's hand-written newspaper. Most all of these will be appearing in my series of books on Kelleys Island. Leslie (