Monday, November 3, 2008

Indiana Genealogist for September

Contents of the fall issue of the Indiana Genealogical Society's quarterly include:

"An Index Is a Treasure Map -- Do You Dig?" by Harold Henderson, that's me, on how even useful indexes may lead you into error if you don't look at the original documents they point to.

"Military Resources in the Early Republic," by the prolific Ron Darrah, who identifies no fewer than 38 document-generating wars between 1781 and 1859.

"Thomas Jefferson Riley: Native Hoosier and Confederate Soldier," by his great-great granddaughter Mary Kraeszig.

Regional items include "Starke County History Items" (submitted by Peg Bretten); "Indiana Civil War Soldier Adam Record" by Kathy Anne Coppola; "Indiana Civil War Soldiers John Lafayette White and William M. White" [twins], by Keith Rott; "Marriage and Death Notices, Indiana Journal, January-December, 1832," submitted by Ron Darrah (see above), "Items from the Batesville Budget," "Indiana Civil War Soldier James E. English" by Annette Harper, and more.

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