Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ohio Records and Pioneer Families

The fourth in the Ohio Genealogy Society's quartet of publications is on a catch-up schedule, but it's still packed. Contents of issue #1:

"The Shellhorns of Portage and Summit Counties, Ohio," by Ted Marshall Minier, an interesting presentation of indirect evidence on the identity of John Shellhorn, aiming to amplify the 1972 Shelhorn Genealogy by Lines and Jones.

"A Letter to My Brother: Louis Breuninger," contributed by Karen Miller Bennett

"Letters Written by John Marsh D'Camp, 1825-1837," contributed by Nina B. Mack

"Records of the George Ruckel Family Bible," contributed by Robert L. Keener

"First Families of Ohio: The Early Years," abstracted by Kay Ballantyne Hudson

"Revolutionary War Pension Application Abstracts," by Lois Wheeler

"The Mystery of Captain Benjamin LeRoy, War of 1812," contributed by Eric E. Johnson

"Official Register of Physicians by County, 1896, Washington County"

"Log Cabin Reminiscences -- Daniel Skinner Family," contributed by Sunda Anderosn Peters

"Residents of Mahoning County, Ohio, Infirmary, 1870," abstracted by Joseclyn Wilms, from the US census

"Merchants, Manufacturers & Traders of Ohio, 1885," abstracted from R. G. Dun's The Mercantile Agency Reference Book -- part of a series, in alphabetical order by towns

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