Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wisconsin records off the beaten track

Contents of the July 2008 issue of the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter:

"Deaths Among the Membership, Wisconsin WCTU, 1923-26," alphabetical

"'Slacker' Lists from World War I," listed by draft board, evidently from the Congressional Record

"Delegates to, and Member Churches of the Wisconsin Baptist State Convention, Fifth Anniversary Convention, 8-10 October 1850," extracted from Minutes of the Fifth Anniversary of the Wisconsin Baptist State Convention held in the Church Ediface of the First Baptist Church, Milwaukee, Wis. (Milwaukee: J. Hamilton for the Convention, 1850). Ah, the headaches of transcribing names! My wife may have an ancestor on this list, but only if what is rendered "J. Moosely" is really "T. Mozley." Without laying hands on the original I couldn't say which is more improbable!

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