Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six more reasons to join IGS!

The Indiana Genealogical Society has added six new databases to its members-only resource section. In addition to the six public databases, members now can search 28 Indiana databases: 7 of county records, 3 church records, 8 military records, 8 school records, and 2 miscellaneous (what I would call political records). Your idea of how to categorize them may vary.

These are databases, not original images, so they're most valuable as searching tools and pointers to the original source, which should be checked to guard against typographical and other errors. In order to browse any given database, just bring up the blank search form and click the search button.

Among the new offerings are enumerations from Marion County, and the list of deceased Methodist ministers (as of 1917) from northern Indiana, taken from the notoriously under-indexed book History of the North Indiana Conference by Herrick and Sweet.

Hat tip to the IGS blog. Membership page is here.

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