Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NGSQ touches on Michigan

The cover of the December issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly portrays Ann (Pratt) Snowden who emigrated from England in 1833 and settled with her family in Kent County, Michigan, in 1842. She figures in Ronald A. Hill's article involving conflicting evidence, a seaman who went by various names, and the ambiguous use of "brother" and "sister" in correspondence: "Siblings, Religious Brotherhoods, or Neither: Oliver, Pratt, and Fowler or Foley Families of Whitehaven, England."

It should go without saying that this article and the three accompanying it -- Elizabeth Shown Mills on documenting a slave's birth, parentage and origins; George R. Ryskamp on Basque genealogy; and Arliss Shaffer Monk on "Five Edmund Jeningses of Virginia and Maryland" -- are the haute cuisine of the genealogy world. You can't read them without learning something, and you can't read them fast.

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