Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waukegan's Sesquicentennial?

Evidently this is going to be Catching Up With Fellow Midwestern Bloggers week. Diana Dretske at the Lake County (Illinois) Museum and Archives posted on Lake County seat Waukegan's 150th anniversary as a city. Of course its actual age as an identifiable place goes back at least to 1695. Her Illuminating Lake County, Illinois History blog is consistently festooned with wonderful images from that history.


Apple said...

Thanks for another great link! A branch of my family lived in Lake County from about 1849 until - well some of them may still be there.

Harold said...

Apple, if you're stuck on these Lake County folks, let's talk. I might have an idea of where to look -- then again, you may have seen it in this blog at some point too!

Apple said...

Thanks Harold. I'm not really stuck on the Wisner's, Hall's or Cashmore's, although there is undoubtedly information I haven't yet discovered. The first series of letters that I transcribed included a few letters that were written from Fox Lake, Hainesville and Waukegan so a blog about the history of where they lived helps fill in some details of the times they lived in.

I always check out your links :-)