Friday, April 24, 2009

NE Wisconsin history

One of the pleasures of attending Wisconsin's well-planned Gene-A-Rama earlier this month was getting acquainted with Voyageur, "Northeast Wisconsin's Historical Review," in the vendors' hall. It's based in Green Bay, so anything in that general area seems to be fair game.

I picked up the Summer/Fall 2008 issue (which was in the future the last time their web site was updated) and have been reading my way through stories about the Green Bay Packers' abortive post-WW2 out-of-town training camp; "the day [a piece of] Sputnik [IV] fell on [a street in] Manitowoc"; the story of "Baby Doe," a frontier Colorado beauty from Oshkosh; the history of Green Bay's small public squares; Sheboygan's grand old ballpark; and stories from the Wisconsin Oneidas, who were involved in the only WPA project with a linguistic focus and that employed Native American researchers.

Not a genealogy magazine, but if you have people anywhere in the upper right-hand corner of Wisconsin this is a great way to soak up their history.

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