Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hoosier Heritage: Indiana History and Genealogy Online

Browse the collections at Hoosier Heritage and just look at what's there from various Indiana libraries in the way of online obituary indexes (and there's a lot more than that):

Madison County 1921-1967

Bremen, Marshall County to 1997

Elkhart 1921-1952, 1962-present

Evansville early 1900s-present (the famous Browning Collection)

Michigan City 1887-present (not complete)

Monroe County 1920-present, some 1843-1884

Elwood, Madison County, 1893-present

South Bend, 1913-present

Sullivan County 1870-1905 and 1929-present

Wells County 1866-2000

and several other locales that didn't specify a date range!

Hat tip Library of Congress.

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Sheri said...

Harold, you come up with the best gems. When you have the time, how about Vigo County? Specifically Sugar Creek Township, St. Mary of the Woods.