Friday, May 7, 2010

Your old genie newsletters rendered useful, at least in Chicago

Today was going to be the day for a long leisurely post about a quirky compendium on the history of religion in Indiana, but there's no time. Fortunately, the good folks at the Newberry have just posted on their blog good news that speaks to one of my long-held pet peeves: unindexed local genealogy newsletters and magazines.

They contain great information but there is rarely any way to go back and find it, even if you know it's there. (PERSI is great but doesn't help much on this because it is not an every-name index, using mainly article titles. For you newbies, get on HeritageQuest through your local library to learn about it.)

Basically, the Newberry has mapped all specific locations mentioned the Chicago Genealogist going back to 1969 on their site, with links to references to the articles so it's possible to follow up if you can get hold of the print edition. Read the original post for all the details and credits to the interns.

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