Thursday, July 8, 2010

Would you rather read The Educated Genealogist, or be one?

Actually you can do both. The Educated Genealogist is my friend Sheri Fenley's blog, and she's been chronicling some of the lessons learned in moving from doing personal research to doing research for clients. Her experience is pretty similar to mine, but her descriptions of it are much funnier. I especially loved her previous definition of a "conclusion," but while you're laughing you will be . . . educated.


Anonymous said...
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Sheri said...

Why Harold, I am truly touched and pleased that you are recommending my blog to your readers.

I am especially tickled that I can bring a smile to your face.

Someone asked me if maybe I was a little overboard exposing myself. I could have taken that line all the way to the moon, but I knew what she meant and behaved myself.

If sharing my mistakes or sharing a cool new way to do something helps another genealogist on their professional journey then I'd prance around with only a smile on my face, is what I actually replied to her.

Harold said...

LOL, Sheri. Always happy to tickle you. Don't let those stuffy genealogists slow you down!