Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chronicling America, but not much of the Midwest

The Library of Congress's admirable Chronicling America, covering various years between 1860 and 1922, has so far put up on line pages of 14 Ohio newspapers, 1 Chicago political weekly, and nothing from Wisconsin, Indiana, or Michigan. Check out the full list for your own favorite states. And yes, what's up is searchable!


Cathi said...

And nothing from Vermont!

Tex said...

Our participation here in Oklahoma depended on our making application by way of writing a grant. Perhaps you could encourage the states you're interested in, the agencies that have good newspaper holdings, to apply. OR they may be in the queue--we weren't in the first year of grants but received ours last year. I'm for some from Ohio and Indiana and Iowa myself. :-)

Harold said...

Tex, I think you're right -- just didn't do the research to make sure. I could definitely use some Indiana!