Friday, September 3, 2010

Good thoughts from other blogs

I've been enjoying the "Daily Genealogist" from NEHGS, AKA the New England Historic Genealogical Society, AKA "HisGen" -- in particular Michael J. LeClerc's heart-rending tale in the issue of 1 September. If that doesn't get you motivated to keep track of family treasures, perhaps you have no relatives at all!

In the 31 August (issue #78) e-newsletter "Genealogy Gems" from the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Steven W. Myers alerts us to the existence of The Gerritsen Collection of Women’s History, 1543-1945. It's a source useful for historical context that also contains genealogically specific materials as well. English-language portions are at the Genealogy Center on microfiche. Check their online microtext catalog, but really, just go there!

ProGenealogists' blog continues as useful as it was before the firm was purchased by In the 31 August post, Sherry Lindsay asks, "Why does this record exist?" and gives some generic answers for common record types. But this should remain a live question in every case, because particular records may have additional interesting reasons for being created.

In general I like any question that shakes us out of our routine and makes us relate those dusty, scrawly, faded records back to the lives they touched -- like, "Just how did those two ever meet in the first place, much less get married?" Even questions that can't be answered can make you think different.

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