Tuesday, October 26, 2010

September Crossroads from UGA

Leslie Albrecht Huber has the cover story in the current issue of Crossroads, published by the Utah Genealogical Association and executively edited by my friend Christy Fillerup, on "How to Write a Page-Turning, But True, Family History."

Also to be found inside are Rondina Muncy on a very important six-letter word in land platting, and my review of Gordon Wood's marvelous Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Reupblic, 1789-1815, under the heading "Re-Learning History."

Genealogy has its familiar handful of top-notch scholarly magazines, and -- even in this day of the internet -- many that publish whatever comes in. Crossroads is aiming to occupy some middle ground, and welcomes contributions and inquiries. As UGA's statement of objectives says, it seeks to "raise the standards of genealogy and family history research."

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