Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ghost counties?

This report identifies the ten US counties (containing more than 10,000 homes) that have housing vacancy rates over 50 percent. Five are in the Midwest. If you research there, show 'em some love! (Or some money!) And if you're planning to research there, do it soon, as the tax crunch will hit them hard if it hasn't already.

Lake County, Michigan
Vilas County, Wisconsin
Sawyer County, Wisconsin
Burnett County, Wisconsin
Aitkin County, Minnesota

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Harold said...

Genealogist Kathy Lenerz offered this significant grain of salt via email and OKd my quoting here:

"All the 'vacancy rate' shows is the number of absentee owners. It is not capable of showing economic conditions. Granted, tourist areas may be suffering because of the economic downturn, but the 'vacancy rate' is incapable of showing that. The July unemployment rate (middle of tourist season) in the area or the number of foreclosures can show that, but the 'vacancy rate' can't - it's simply an indicator of the number of non-resident owners."