Sunday, September 4, 2011

New NGS Magazine

Some of my favorites from the July-September issue of NGS Magazine:

* Southern Illinois University-Carbondale anthropologist Dawn C. Stricklin on locating scholarly and academic publications.

* John Philip Colletta's context for the life of Carl Ludwig Richter in and out of New York City's 19th-century "Little Germany." If you've heard any of his talks, you'll hear his voice as you read.

* Denys Beaugrand-Champagne on something we rarely think of as a Midwestern genealogical resource: fur trade permits granted in the district of Montreal, 1721-1752, which include mentions of places now in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

* Claire Prechtel-Kluskens' reconstruction of the lives of the "lightning brothers" -- Civil War soldiers from Licking County, Ohio, whose tent was struck by lightning on 15 February 1863.

There's more . . . as they say in blogger land, read the whole thing.

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