Monday, December 19, 2011

Fort Wayne and Chicago digitized newspapers

When you ask to "browse collections" on these days, you can choose among the records of seven wars and -- "other records."

The site's new focus on on military records has many upsides, but one downside is that researchers might forget that the former has marvelous collections of city directories -- and digitized newspapers. For researchers working the Midwest, Fold3 has both the Chicago Tribune (1849-1923) and seven titles from Fort Wayne:

Daily Gazette 1882-1898

Gazette 1899

Journal Gazette 1899-1923

News 1874-1917

Sentinel 1870-1923

Weekly Journal 1890-1899

Weekly Journal Gazette 1899-1914

Put 'em together and that's more than half a century.

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Jim S said...

I love using newspapers for genealogy. There is so much more than names and dates you can learn from newspapers. Fold 3 is one resource which has some newspapers. Where else can you find free newspaper archives? Find out more at Free Newspaper Archives - Online and Offline .

Regards, Jim