Thursday, June 25, 2015

April 2015 New York Genealogical and Biographical Record!

Some Empire State reasons why I don't blog here as often as in the past . . .

If you have New York interests, don't hesitate -- go out and buy the NYGBS's new research guide and gazetteer! I reviewed it in the April NYGBR.

Also in the April issue is the third installment of "A Missing Heir" involving the intertwined families of Lewis and Dorcas (Hoxie) Bassett and  John S. and Zerviah (Hawkins?) Porter. This installment follows descendants of

* Lucy (Bassett) Hoffman and husband Matthew, whose trails lead to Genesee County, New York;, Lake County, Illinois; Chicago; and St. Louis;

* Harriet (Bassett) Burdick and husband Rodman, who also went to Lake County and Chicago; and

* Nathan Lee Bassett and wife Adelia S. (Reed) Bassett, whose trails lead to Jefferson County, New York; Walworth County, Wisconsin; Freeborn County, Minnesota; Larimer County, Colorado; and Chippewa County, Wisconsin.

More descendants to come.

Meanwhile I have had the privilege of joining NYGBR's editorial board as well.


Geolover said...

Congratulations on joining NYGBR's editorial board, but not nice to ~tease~! I can't locate the April 2015 issue on the site yet (sigh). By the way, your "NYGBR" link does not go to the NYG&BS site, but to your blog's editorial interface.

Harold Henderson said...

Yes, the still have the January issue previewed. I think I have fixed the NYGBR link, thanks!

Debra said...

Congratulations, Harold! That is wonderful!